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Kayak Clicnic in Nepal

Kayak Clinic in NepalAdrift Adventures run a series of Kayak Clinics each season on Seti River. These introductory courses are designed for those with little or no previous kayaking experience. The thrill and gratification of learning to kayak in the Himalaya is a great start to kayaking. Throughout the 4-day clinic, you will cover all the basic skills including paddle strokes, Eskimo rolls, Eskimo rescues and the art of reading whitewater. The priority is safety, not forgetting however the joys of a more intimate relationship with the magical Himalayan Whitewaters!

Our instructors are some of the best whitewater paddlers and kayak instructors in the world with a strong history of running rivers worldwide. The clinics are supported by state of the art rafting equipment, which carries all personal gear, camping and other supplies down the river to our campsites.

The Seti River is one of the most beautiful and pristine rivers in the Himalayas. With dense remote jungle, exquisite sandy beaches and class II - III whitewater runs, perfect for beginner kayakers.

Kayak Available with Us

Eskimo Cando Perception Phat Pyranha Blade Prijon Fly
Prijon Hurrican Dagger Gradient Dagger X-Fire Perception Over Flow
Wavesport Lazer Lattmann Rage Niky Jive Dagger Response
Prijon Rocket Dagger Vertigo Dagger Freefall Pyranha Stuntbat
Prijon Invador Perception Sit on the top Perception Piroutte S Eskimo Diablo
Prijon Tcanon Prijon T-slalom Dagger Freefall LT Perception Super sport

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